Top Business Applications to Acquire in Digital World

Today, everyday lives of the common man is entrapped in the technology that is around us today. We just cannot get about in our lives without these tiny bits of technology. They are called applications. In this blog, we shall discuss the mobile applications you ought to have today and the advantages of mobile apps over websites.

Before we get on with that, let us discuss an important aspect that is bothering every entrepreneur alike.

Why Do Users Prefer Mobile Apps Over Websites?


With the popularity of mobile apps, it is a sad fact that people are taking websites for granted to a certain degree.

We will see the reasons why mobile websites are replaced by mobile apps and the advantages of mobile apps over websites.

  • As the customers are more satisfied with the mobile Apps when compared to the mobile web browsers, mobile web browsers are replaced by mobile apps at a very fast pace.

  • The features of the mobile devices are used by the mobile Apps. These features include GPS, Bluetooth, and Camera. Most of the process are automated like processing payments, checking out of the app, etc. This is made possible by scanning the credit card by the camera of your mobile phone instead of always entering the details of your credit card. Even the e-commerce app are integrated to digital wearable devices and it proves that the mobile websites are outdated.
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  • Some apps these days can be used offline. Although there are some resources take up space in your storage which includes the app in itself and it is far more easier this way rather than having to connect to the Internet for everything.
  • Apps are very easy to use as it takes only a few minutes to open whereas the web browsers may take more time to load and you also need to type or save the URL. At the same time you just need to click the mobile app icon to use the app.
  • As the navigations are very easy in mobile apps when compared to mobile web browsers, the customers feel it very simple to understand and use. Moreover sometimes you can see that with mobile web browsers some websites may not be compatible.
  • What are the must have apps in the digital world?


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    #1. Taxi Dispatch Software & Booking App


    Technology has a very important role to play in the case of taxi dispatch software and apps. These software makes it easy for the transportation companies to allocate transportation facilities as per the demands of the commuters and that are made through mobile applications.
    The software is made of the admin dashboard and a separate mobile application for the driver as well as the passenger.

    The mobile applications comes with geo location facilities and as soon as the driver and the passenger goes online, their locations can be detected and this is accurate up to centimeters.

    The passenger will have to make a request for the ride by putting in his location. This is automatically detected by the app and then he has to enter his destination. The admin analyses this pick up location and allocates a driver who is the nearest to that of the passenger location. The driver gets a request to take up the ride. Then, he has a choice to accept or reject the ride request. If he is ready to take up the ride, the driver can ring up the passenger and go to his location for the ride.

  • Accurate Geolocation
  • The admin should know the exact location of the passenger so that he can allocate the taxi and the driver is able to get there accurately. This is the most essential aspect for the smooth functioning of the business. Good taxi dispatch software are equipped with geolocation facilities to detect the passenger location accurately.,/p>

  • Demand – Supply matching
  • Again, this is in correlation with the point mentioned above. The key to the prim and proper functioning of any taxi dispatch business is the lesser waiting time for the passenger. For this to lessen, the admin should be able to match the demand of the ride with the passenger in the most efficient manner. The admin dashboard comes with a niche of essential features like driver’s location mapping to do this matching in a breeze.

  • Passenger safety
  • The taxi dispatch software comes with the full set of safety features to enhance the safety of the passengers who are travelling in the cab. The passenger has the facility to share his/her location as well as the details of the vehicle he/she is travelling to any of their close friend or relative so that in case of any accident, he/she can be tracked very easily.

  • Route Guidance
  • The taxi dispatch software on the driver version has an accurate geolocation facility . this enables the driver to take the passenger to his/her drop location by the shortest route in the least time.

  • Pre Booking facility
  • This is a very useful feature when you are planning to take a ride with the taxi company in the future.For this, you can make a booking now. The taxi dispatch software will take care of scheduling it at the right time.

    #2. On demand delivery app


  • Food delivery App
  • The process of ordering food online is the process of food delivery or getting takeout from a local restaurant or food cooperative through a web page or app. This is very much like ordering consumer goods or grocery online. Many of these companies allow customers to keep regular accounts with them so that they make frequent ordering convenient for their regular customers.

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    The process is quite simple. A customer will search for a favorite restaurant through the mobile application.This is usually filtered by the type of cuisine he/she prefer and they can choose from the available items. After this, they can choose delivery or pick-up. Payment is then done and can be made either by credit card, Paypal or cash or any other payment gateways. Then, the restaurant will return percentage to the online food company.

    In the world that we live in today, online food delivery services are one of the fastest growing and most frequently used services. This is very true especially in tier 1 and 2 cities which are growing at a rate of 23% as of 2018.

    The mobile apps for food delivery can work in different scenarios as follows.

  • Restaurant-controlled
  • All the popular franchises have their own pre existing delivery infrastructure and these are well suited for an online ordering system. In late 2009, it was announced that the online sales of popular franchises were growing on average rate of more than 50 percent each year. Local companies who do not have such a system of their own have teamed up with e-commerce companies to make ordering quicker and more precise. Some restaurants even dared to have adopted online ordering despite their lack of delivery systems and using it to manage pick-up orders or to take reservations.

  • Independent
  • Independent online food are flourishing these days and these ordering companies offer three solutions. One is a software service in which the restaurants purchase database and account management software from the company and manage the online ordering all by themselves. The second solution is a Web-based service in which restaurants sign contracts with an online food ordering website who then handle orders from many restaurants in a regional scale or national area. The third is where an independent person makes and offer foods, meals or kits through their app . This is then sent directly sent to consumers.

    One of the prime differences between these there systems is how the online menu is created and later on updated in the consequent stages of business. Most of the services do this from their phone or email. On the other hand, your unmanaged services require the customer to do it.

  • Food cooperatives
  • There are a lot of food cooperatives that allow its members to place orders of any locally grown and/or produced food through mobile applications and later on pick up and pay for their orders at a central location or provide door delivery for the ordered product.

  • Grocery Apps
  • The grocery apps help in delivering the grocery right to your doorstep. The functioning is very similar to that of the food delivery app. Many restaurants these days offer the technology to help the customers to place an order through a mobile app. In order to attract the customers to the app, they may offer a discount or bonus item each time an order is placed.

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    #3. E-commerce App


    The process of selling online comes under the category of e-commerce. I am sure you must be familiar with Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart and eBay. All of these comes under the category of ecommerce.

    If you are someone who owns a business, you will find that having an e commerce app that will help you connect with a lot more customers than before. Most of the shoppers these days prefer having an app to buy things rather than going out to get stuff. Moreover, you do not need to remember a website’s URL or make that tiring journey all the way up to the store when you can have things delivered at your doorstep.

    And in comparison to the website, they provide better speed and security for the customers.

    There is an increased sense of customer loyalty while using an ecommerce app for the business. You will be able to visualize the maximum investment in your brand when someone tries to download your mobile app for the first time. They are coming to you ready to buy things from your store. In case of mobile site, visitors mostly pays a visit to your store to check your collection or look up for contact information. As the customers are more comfortable with mobile apps, they spend more time i.e around 3 to 4 times more than the time spent on mobile websites and this make them purchase anything online.

    Another important part for any user is how fast the app or websites will respond to user action. Mobile apps respond quickly and takes much less time when compared to websites because the apps partially store the data on the device itself.

    The e-commerce app will retrieve the data from servers as the e-commerce websites do but only a few data is sent to and fro in mobile applications so it quickly responds and retrieves data from the server when compared to the same in websites.


    Here, I have covered the main categories which are smart choice to acquire in this digital world. The categories of business applications mentioned here help to earn a handsome income through these business applications.

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