Key features of on demand delivery app

Key Features of On – Demand Delivery App

On-Demand Delivery App Development has been a rage for some time now!

Almost all the services we need nowadays from food delivery, organizing corporate events, to taxi services can be ordered through an on-demand delivery app. This format is almost applicable in all business spheres.

Hence a lot of mobile application development companies have begun to bloom up in almost every corner! But before consulting such companies, there are certain basic things that every business owner should be aware of! 

This blog is a direction-pointer towards the same category. 

Moreover, the on-demand business model has been proved extremely profitable, and the one which redefines the customer experience as a whole! Hence, it’s a real trump card for the business owners out there.

Read about the advantages of having an on-demand online delivery app next. After which, we will be detailing the key features that such apps possess.

Benefits of Having On-Demand Delivery Apps

The real benefits of owning an on-demand delivery app are numerous. The on-demand apps make sure that they give higher priority for speed, convenience and in turn higher customer satisfaction rates. 

Read about all these ones in detail below:

  • Fast

Using an on-demand delivery app makes the services to be provided at a higher speed compared to the conventional methods.

  • Economical

It helps to cut a lot of over expenses for both the customers as well as service providers. 

  • Convenient

The on-demand delivery app makes the process much easier and convenient. It helps to avoid the unnecessary third parties and thus can deliver the services directly to the customers.

  • Transparent

The on-demand delivery app provides the option to rate and review the services by both the players. Also, it builds better visibility and builds mutual trust. The process becomes more transparent.

Key Features of On – Demand Delivery App

The primary function of an On-Demand Delivery App is to meet the demand and supply within the shortest time possible, as well all know.

Hence, it consists of basically three modules, and they are as follows:

  • Customer App
  • An App for the Service Providers
  • A Web Portal

Customer App Features

  • User Login: The user login function allows the customer to login to the system with their private credentials or also with their social media accounts.
  • Orders: It enables the customers to request for service. Some necessary information that will be required for this process includes the GPS location of the customer, product info, price of the service, and preferred delivery time (not always).
  • Matching Algorithm: This function allows the service provider to deliver their services through their nearest service centre with concerning to the customer’s location.
  • GPS Order Tracking: The customer can track the current status of the service, its arrival time, the current location of the package, etc.
  • In-app communication: In-app communication helps to contact the delivery boy once the order is placed. It helps to reschedule the delivery if needed.
  • Online Payment Method: The various payment methods that this section of the app allows include through net banking, credit/debit cards, etc.
  • Rating system: This allows the customer to rate the services.
  • Profile Management: Allows the customers to edit their profile details like address, phone number, the payment method chosen, etc.
  • Push notifications
  • Additional features like coupons, discounts, etc.

Service Provider App Features

The features provided in the Service Provider App is almost the same as compared to the customer’s version. But they do have certain additional features like more security etc.

This is because the service provider profiles should be only activated after the verification procedures by the Admin. 

An online verification process will be mostly provided in this module of the app.

  • Orders: This allows the service provider to view the orders, client details etc. Also, they can review the available orders and confirm the pending orders.
  • In-app communication: This feature allows the service providers to contact the customer whenever necessary.
  • Rating System: It allows the service providers to better their services based on the ratings they had received. Also, they can rate their clients.
  • Profile Management: It shows up the basic information like completed & pending orders, earnings, etc.

Admin Web-Portal

Admin is the person who manages the entire system,  and hence many extra functions to perform. Admin’s features include:

  • Can view, edit, or update the customer and service provider databases.
  • Real-Time Customer Support Module (through chats, email or phone).
  • Accounting Module: It deals with financial transactions, other payments etc.
  • Data Analytics: It includes managing the entire statistical data related to both the customers as well as the service providers.

The Real Deal!

As a part of business expansion, the services are now provided at the customer’s doorsteps! The faster they reach, the far better for your business.

Customers want the services to reach them within the least possible time. This is how the concept of the on-demand delivery app came into being and was implemented by some of the revolutionaries in the sector like Amazon, Uber, Swiggy, Big Basket, etc.

Mobile Application Development provides smooth payment options and quick delivery. These are the major contributing factors for the growth of such on-demand delivery apps.

Opt for one as soon as possible, to stay ahead from your competitors.

Contact an experienced on-demand app development company.

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