We are a leading provider of secure and advanced taxi management software for businesses, enabling them to enhance their transportation operations and provide a valuable technology-driven experience to their customers.

Taxi Management Software

iOSS is the foremost Taxi Management Software Development service provider for uber like taxi businesses that catalyze the improvement of transportation business in additional extents. We support to your business to gain the global presence, by providing multiple add­on features along with inbuilt service.

This Premier Taxi software is very fast and efficient. We provide a complete and perfect solution for your cab business. Taxi app is invented in a simple and manageable way so that every class of people can use. Our taxi management software is developed with the high-security integration. We provide better worthwhile technology to the whole ecosystem. With our taxi app, We provide better worthwhile technology to the whole ecosystem.

With our taxi app, you can ride or also become a driver to earn money on your schedule and grow your business like never before. With our developed taxi app, we don’t let the drivers waste their time more in finding customers. Make your revenue by allowing your customers to find you. The taxi app helps streamline your cab/taxi business. Explore a reliable and durable option when you find nearby cabs with our Taxi app. Booking a taxi with the taxi app is very easy and intuitive.

We have three different panels

Admin Web Panel

The Admin panel shows booked trips, canceled trips, online users, ongoing trips and rejected trips.

Driver App

Using driver app, a drive can log in with the taxi app. He can view the calls from passengers and he can either accept or reject the call. He can also view the passenger’s location.

Passenger App

In the passenger app, a user can book his/her first ride by doing registration in taxi app.

Take a glimpse at sparkling features of our taxi app


We have designed the simple and natural UI that allows passengers to book a ride in just one click. While, on other side drivers, can accept the request in one click.

Automated Calculator

When you arrive at the destination and end your trip, fare and distance will be automatically calculated. You can pay the cost by cash or e-wallet.


Using our taxi app you can get a ride in fewer minutes. From booking to drop to the destination, you’ll feel like all happened in seconds and hassle-free.

Referral Program

This taxi app facilitates users to get a chance to earn reward points by recommending apps to the friends. Also, admins can give some privilege points to passengers as rewards based on their finished trips.

Generating Bonus

Our generating bonus feature allows users to gain some extra bonus point by the activities referring friends.


We provide the highest security and intelligence with our Infinite Taxi management software.

Why Choose Us

Our ride-hailing app is very easy and simple to use. You can register with our app and choose your ride and set the location. The system will search for the nearest cab driver and he will accept your request. You’ll get picked up by him. He will drop you at the destination.

At IOSS, our skilled and experienced team make software development easy. You can get a flawless support from our expert engineers to run your business successfully.We will make your trip experience memorable. We guarantee that you will surely use our service repeatedly.

  • Well organised admin panel for real time vehicle tracking, resource management and efficient monitoring
  • User-friendly mobile app for passengers to book taxis, calculate fares and e-wallet management options.
  • Fully featured driver app for trip management, daily reports, booking alerts and driver referrals.

Check out our Taxi Apps for Driver and Passenger for both Android and iOS platforms.

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