How much does it cost to build an On-Demand Delivery App?

On-Demand Delivery Apps are a real savior for a lot of people, especially for the ones are unable to go in person to avail the services!

Apart from this, it helps to save time, money and can avail the service within a few taps. The growth of On- Demand Delivery Apps have been found its relevance in multiple industries which no one ever dreamt of before!

Some of their real-time applications include in the fields of taxi service, online grocery service, e-commerce sector, parking, beauty/healthcare services, etc. Also, a lot more are expected to join the list soon.

A lot of business entrepreneurs, as well as the already ones in the field, are implementing ways to build an on-demand delivery app for their business needs.
Hence, we present you an article regarding the cost factors involved and some other basic things.

Some common features of an On-Demand Delivery App

The major features of On-Demand Delivery App is to allow its customers to avail the products or services offered within a few clicks. All types of On-Demand Delivery Apps do have certain features in common which are discussed below:

  • Making Orders
  • Scheduling Deliveries
  • Tracking Deliveries on a Map
  • Payment
  • Rating or providing feedback on deliveries
  • If the app you are dealing with is a food delivery app, then some additional features will be included like:

  • Product search
  • Shopping lists
  • Wish Lists
  • Real-time messaging or calls
  • Some Common On-Demand Apps

    On-Demand Delivery Apps are the applications that enables a customer to request for a service through a mobile application (both through Android and iOS versions) within a few taps. Some common on-demand delivery applications are as follows:

  • Food Delivery App
  • In the present busy world, no one has the time to prepare food after reaching home from office, and such applications are a real boon for these people. It lists out the various restaurants near the customers locality.

    They can choose their favourite food through the app, and will be delivered within a matter of just a few minutes!

    Some popular food delivery apps are Swiggy, Zomato etc.

  • Taxi Dispatch App
  • The advent of on-demand delivery apps have influenced the taxi and transportation industry to a great extent. Companies like Uber, Ola and Lyft are some of the giants in the field.

    These taxi dispatch software benefits the customers to book a cab, and it will be automatically locating his/her position through the GPS facility. The allotted driver will be picking up the customer from the boarding point and the customer can pay the money through debit/credit cards, through cash or by various other means.

  • Grocery App
  • The grocery apps will be helping the customers to buy all sorts of groceries, just like in an e-commerce app like Amazon, Flipkart etc. Here the grocery list includes fruits, vegetables, milk & milk products, fish, meat and other essential food items. Some common examples of grocery apps are Big Basket, Walmart App etc.

  • Doctor Booking App
  • Doctor Booking App is a real time example in the medical field. These apps help the customers to book the services of specialized doctors in your locality. It also allows the customers to reschedule their appointment, make payments through online mode etc.

    Cost of Developing an On-Demand Delivery App

    The cost of developing an On-Demand Delivery App is dependent on a lot of small factors. Also, it may vary according to the On-Demand Delivery app development firms.

    Normally, these app development firms do charge based on the hours they put in for developing mobile-based applications.

    It’s not possible for anyone to give out an exact number unless a client mentions their full and final app requirements in detail.

    An on-demand delivery app can be split up as given below components:

  • Android and iOS apps for service providers
  • Android and iOS apps for customers
  • Front-end Development (UI and UX)
  • Backend Admin Panel
  • In different countries, the prices charged for developing the above given components differ as they have to pay at varying rates for the work done on an hourly basis!

    Summing Up

    If you are planning to develop an On-Demand Delivery App for your business, then following a well balanced and systematic approach is the best approach you can follow to achieve profitability.

    Hope this article gave you some insights on the costs involved in building an On-Demand Delivery App. If you want more detailed information, contact Mobdev App, a leading app development team.

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