Top 50 Mobile App Ideas for 2020

The mobile app has galloped its own space in the mobile market all over the world. Ranging from small scale to large scale business, entrepreneurs are looking for mobile app developers to build their own mobile app ideas.

The mobile app plays a crucial role in enhancing their business by expanding their services globally.

It is undeniable that a mobile app is a must for any kind of business to showcase the services and interact with potential customers efficiently. This will definitely take your business to the pinnacle of success.

Here in this article, you will be able to look into the best mobile app ideas.

Top 50 mobile app ideas

1. Cab-hailing App

Imagine those days of waiting for a taxi while commuting to the office. It’s really time consuming. I hope you all would have heard about Uber, Lyft, Ola taxi. Yes! Cab or taxi-hailing app can be used to book a taxi from any corner of this world.
This Taxi App helps the user in real-time tracking of the vehicle. It includes route optimization features so that both the customer and the driver-partners are benefited by using App. The start-up companies can invest in this app idea to start their taxi business.

2. Shopping App

The user can use the shopping app to shop their favorite clothing, home equipment, furniture, etc. Amazon and Flipkart are the most popular shopping apps. It will provide discount notifications to the user. Easy to filter the necessary items using this shopping app. E-commerce start up companies can make use of these ecommerce mobile app ideas to enhance their business worldwide.

3. Social Networking App

For any business, marketing plays a crucial role, and this is easy via social networking. Social networking App will help the user to enhance their social contact, popularity, and credibility. This app will be a better idea for business entrepreneurs who rely on their customer base.

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4. Cooking Assistant App

Are you tired of searching different cooking recipes? Cooking Assistant App can be used to assist the users while cooking different dishes. It provides the recipe for the dishes. It is not necessary to search anywhere for the recipe. This app will help the users to find all the interesting recipes at one platform.

5. Food Delivery App

When you are so busy and have no time to go out to find the restaurant of your choice or if your favourite restaurant is not nearby your location, then the Food Delivery app can be used. Here the user can find the favourite dish from their favourite restaurant and can comfortably have the food at any place of their choice. The real-time tracking of the food delivery agent can also be viewed in the app. Uber Eats, Swiggy are the best examples of Food Delivery App. The start up companies having a good tie up with the nearby restaurants can look over these kind of useful mobile app ideas.

6. Grocery App

If you need to buy more groceries and you are tired to go out for buying groceries, then it is easy to buy all the required groceries from the grocery app. This will allow user to filter and buy from the required groceries. BigBasket is the perfect example for Grocery App. The grocery store retailer or e-commerce startup can start implementing this simple mobile application idea.

7. Delivery App

The delivery App is also known as the courier app. Here the sender will be able to send the items to the receiver via this app. The delivery agent will reach the sender’s location to pick the items to be sent via courier to the receiver’s location. The courier service companies may use this simple mobile app idea to send the couriers at a faster pace.

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8. Language Learning App

Learning a new language will always help you to communicate well, especially when you go out of your station. This app will allow the users to learn new words and the pronunciation of the words. It will help the users to learn a new language of their choice.

9. Virtual Interior Designer App

Virtual Interior Designer App will help you to design your house virtually by using the accessories in the app. You can the picture of your house and use the home decors in the app to virtually design your house. This app will give you an idea to decorate your house. Home decors like stickers, carpets, curtains, shelves will be available on the app to design virtually.

10. Health Fitness App

Nowadays, everyone wants to maintain their body weight and look fit, but they are tired of looking for tips to reduce weight or search for any gym instructor.

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This app will suggest all the best exercises and diet for health fitness. It gives information about the calorie intake value and meal plan to keep the users fit. The users can also learn yoga and exercises from the app.

The gym instructors can use this app idea to make their business more productive by interacting with the customers easily.

11. Mall Navigation App

This app will help the users to view the digital map of all the nearby malls in their location. This will assist the users with the navigations and directions inside a mall so that it will give an idea of the stores, restaurants, parking spots available in the mall.

12. Graphical Restaurant Reservation App

This App will assist the users in booking or reserving a table in the restaurant. It provides a graphical layout of the table so that it will be convenient for the users to book a table in the restaurant. It also allows choosing a specific time for the table reservation. The restaurant owners can make use of this sort of new mobile app ideas to allure more customers to opt for their restaurant.

13. Cars Wash App

Car Wash App will allow the customers to raise a request for cash wash. The service will be provided at the customer’s location. Customers can also choose the specific time for the car wash. As per the requested time, the service will be provided via this car wash app.

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14. Criminal Alert App

Criminal Alert App is designed in such a way that the users can be aware of the wanted criminals in that particular location. An alert button will be available in this app to inform the police regarding the location. GPS feature will be used to track the user location. The investigation agencies can make use of this App to track the criminals.

15. Virtual Exam Study App

Are you tired of preparing for the exams, you can make it more interesting virtual exam study app. This app helps the students to connect with other students of the same disciples and share ideas to prepare for the exam. The learning process can be made effective by making use of study tools, help guides, discussions, and study materials.

16. Online Navigation App

Online Navigation App will help users with directions and a map to the destination. Instead of providing the shortest route, it will also take the users through the interesting route as per the interests and likes of the user.

17. Flower/Gift Delivery App

You may not get time to buy gifts for your loved ones in your tight schedule. Gift Delivery App will help the user to send the gifts to their loved ones. Users need not go to the retailer shop to buy gifts.

The blockchain development implemented in the app will assist the retailers who sell various gifts without having a third party involved in this process.This app will allow the users or the sender to choose the gift and send it to their friends, relatives for their birthdays or any special occasions. The gifts will be delivered to the specified receiver’s location. The right blockchain developers can make the app more effective to follow a decentralized network of retailers in the gift delivery app.

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18. Supermarket Checkout App

This App will help the users to scan the products in the supermarket and once selected; the users will be able to pay via the payment gateway and no need to stand in a queue for the payment of the chosen items.

The giant supermarket owners can implement this creative mobile app idea to allure more customers for their supermarket.

19. Car Parking App

This App will help the users to find an available position in a specific location. It will be using GPS to track the location, webcams, parking data to find the space in the nearby location.

20. Movie Booking App

This app will allow the users to book a movie, and the app displays the graphical layout of the movie theatre so that it becomes easy to choose the seat at their convenience.

21. Doctor Booking App

Health is wealth, and almost everyone would like to keep themselves fit and go for a routine health check up. Doctor Booking App will help the users to stay healthy by reminding the appointments with the doctors. This App will allow users to book the doctor via the app, and the users can view the appointment status so that It will help in timely treatment without any delay.

Here the doctors are authorized to save the patient’s record in a safe and secure database.
The doctors will be able to save the patient records in the secured blockchain database. The right blockchain developers will able to make the app more effective with high protection for patient records.

22. Medicine Booking App

This App will help the users to order the medicines required form the online pharmacy and the delivery agent will deliver the medicines at the user location.

23. Beautician Booking App

Nowadays you don’t need to go out of your home in search of a parlor. The user can book a beautician via this App and schedule a convenient time. So that they will reach the user location to provide a high-quality parlor service at home.

24. Technician Booking App

Are you tired of in search of an electrician, plumber, carpenter? It is easy to book an electrician, plumber, carpenter via this technician booking app. The user will be able to track the technician in real-time via this app.

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25. Online Game App

Online game app will allow the users to play the online games of their choice. More than one user can join the online game via this app. This app is an entertainment app. The start up companies focussing on entertainment session can make use of these easy mobile app ideas to improve their business.

26. Phone Silencing App

This app will automatically switch over the device to silent mode by detecting the location. It uses the GPS feature to track a particular location like an office. Suppose in-office meeting; the user forgot to turn the device to silent mode; this app will automatically switch over the user’s mobile to silent mode.

27. Tenant Finder App

This App will allow landlords to find tenants without any third party. This will also help the tenants to interact with their landlords regarding maintenance, property issues, advance payments, rent payments, etc.

Without any third party, the contract or lease agreement between the two parties can be stored in this mob app in the form of smart contracts. Smart contracts are the digital contracts stored in the blockchain database. Effective Smart contracts can be developed with the right blockchain developers.

28. Security Control App

The security control app will help users to manage all the devices used for security purposes. For example, the user can operate the camera footage, open the door via this app. The App will control and operate all the security devices, equipment within the range. This type of communication between the computing devices without human intervention is called IoT(Internet of things).These IoT devices can be more scalable, reliable with the help of secured blockchain technology.

29. Travel Suggestion App

This app will allow scanning the best places to visit in a specific location. This will also suggest the best restaurant, hotels as per the review and customer rating. This will help the users to find the best places quickly.

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30. Diagnostic App

Diagnostic App will help the users to raise a request for any blood test; the lab technicians will reach the specified location. The users will also be able to schedule an appointment via this app.

31. Finance and Bill Management App

This app allows the user to manage the bills and maintain the finances easily. It sends notification or alerts regarding the bills. This app will also allow sharing the bills among friends or roommates and sends notifications to them.

32. Car Sharing App

Car Sharing App is used to share the car which is enlisted in the app by the users so that other customers or users can share the enlisted car. This will enable to save money and can split the ride costs among the users.

33. Voice language translation app

This is a very interesting app where it translates the spoken words of a user to another voice language. This will help the other users to understand their language. This app will help to communicate between the two different language speaking users.

34. Task Scheduling App

Task Scheduling App will allow the users to do the daily tasks and motivates the users to do the task by reminding the tasks scheduled. For example the tasks like doing exercise, preparing for the exam, etc can be scheduled in this app, and the app will send reminders to the users.

35. Food Donation App

No one likes to waste the food items, but sometimes it gets wasted in big restaurants, hotels, etc. Food Donation App will help the owners of the restaurant to find the charities or any orphanages near their location. The restaurants can donate excess food to those charities.

36. Transport Booking App

This App will allow users to book the tickets for the bus by viewing the graphical layout of the bus. It will also allow knowing the real-time status of the bus. Users will be able to track the departure and the arrival time of the bus via this app. The startup transport industries can make this innovative mobile app idea to enhance their business.

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37. Tax App

This App will allow users to maintain income records, expenses, tax transactions, and business supplies. It will automatically calculate the tax and send reminders to the taxpayers.

38. Budget Planning App

Budget Planning App will help the users to manage their monthly budget as per the requirements and income of the users. This sends reminders if the user crosses his budget planning. It will help the users to save money more effectively.

39. Contracts Hiring App

This App will help the users to hire the contractors by comparing them with the available service providers in the app. The users can also hire contractors based on their budget, requirements. Contractors can see the advertisements and apply for the requirement.

40. Goal Management App

A goal management app will enable users to create some goals related to their life. The users can track life goals and share on the apps so that other users can find the same goals and help each other to attain their life goals.

41. Railway Tracking App

People in metropolitan cities mostly depend on trains to reach their destinations. It would be really helpful if you could know where the train has been reacher or whether the train will be on time or late to choose another alternative for their journey. so this app would help them tract the live status of trains.

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42. Dating App

This app will help the users to connect with friends and mutual friends to maintain the contacts. Users will be able to share their photos, videos with their friends. They will be able to view their friend’s photos, videos and can also share their likes and dislikes.

43. Team Collaboration App

Team collaboration App will help all the members of the team to collaborate online via cloud computing. This will help the team to share their project ideas in real-time. It improves organizational collaboration. Large scale to small scale companies can implement these enterprise mobile app ideas to improve the team collaboration in their organization.

44. Video Calling App

Video Calling App will allow the users to connect to other users available online. This app will enable users to view other users and their live activities. For example, Skype, IMO are the best examples of video calling app.

45. Instant Messaging App

The instant messaging app will allow the users to send messages to their contact list and users can also form a group to share the messages in the group. For example, Whatsapp is an instant messaging app.

46. Matrimony App

Matrimony App will allow users to find their best match by selecting the matching profile. The users will be able to share their interest in the matching profile so that they will be able to contact each other. Here the users will be able to enter the complete profile and share their photos with other users.

47. Book Review App

This App will allow the users to take a picture of the book to be reviewed. The user can view the instant reviews from Goodreads, Amazon, etc. This will help the users to decide whether to buy the book or not.

48. Missing Item Finder App

This app will allow the users to find the missing item easily. While placing an item like key, wallet, socks, etc the user needs to take a pic of the item and save it on the app so that the app will remind the place where it was kept when the user forgets to recall the place.

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49. Room Service App

This app will allow the users to raise the request for room cleaning. It will allow the users to fix the appointment. The service providers will reach the user-specified location to clean the rooms as per the user requirements. Startup service companies can use this mobile ideas to widely spread their services.

50. Profile Explorer App

With the help of Augmented Reality (AR), this app will help to identify the profile from the internet. The user can take a pic of any person to scan the face of the person via the app to find the complete profile of the required person.


Hope in this article; you will be able to find the top 50 mobile application ideas for beginners as well as experienced to implement. These apps are more creative and helpful for all the users of smartphones.

Always choose the best mobile app developer to build your own creative, innovative, and unique mobile app to enhance your business ideas.

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