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Infinite Service App Launched

Infinite Open Source Solutions LLP is extremely proud to announce the launch of our new Mobile Application Development service the “Infinite Service App”.

Infinite Service App is a perfect platform which integrates a bunch of services under a single umbrella!

The various set of services which come under the Infinite Service App include:

  • Services App,
  • Students Tracking App,
  • Delivery App,
  • Doctor Booking App,
  • Home Nurse Booking App, and
  • Taxi App.


Services App

Services App enables the people to avail the services of skilled local service experts in various fields like Plumbing, Gardening, Car wash, etc.

Services App allow people to manage their own business with the use of our application smoothly.

The main attractions of the Service App include a Web application for the Admin to run his array of services, a mobile application in both Android and iOS for both the customers as well as the service providers.   

Our custom-built service app will help your users to hire the right professional people near their locality within a matter of just a few minutes. Basically, there would be three types of users in this system. They are Customers, Service Providers, and an Admin.

Students Tracking App

Students Tracking App is basically an application software which helps to evaluate the performance of students on a real-time basis. It also helps to automate the entire campus functions.

Manually composed data are usually prone to error. Our cloud-based student tracking app would be a perfect one for the educational institutes. It allows parents and teachers to track the students. Thus it eventually saves your time, resources and cost. Some of its attractive features include user-friendly dashboards, easy navigation, and well-structured reports.

On-demand Delivery App

Our On demand Delivery App is for those persons who dream of running a food delivery business and help the people who love to eat delicious and yummy food from their favourite restaurants. The app helps the food crazy people to order their favourite dishes from their favourite restaurants and get delivered straight to their homes.

Most of the people out there prefer to eat the food made from the restaurants of their choice. So it opens up a business opportunity for the persons who plan to own a food delivery business. With the on-demand delivery app, manage your food delivery business with ease!

Doctor Booking App

Doctor Booking App helps the people to avail the services of a Doctors in your locality with a matter of a few minutes. As an admin of the app, you can manage your own business by providing the services of the best doctors in your locality. The app helps to eliminate the distance between the Doctors and patients easily. And there will be no need to call the hospitals or go there in person to book the appointments of the specialist Doctors.

Home Nurse Booking App

Home Nurse Booking App is very important. An efficient and skilled Home Nurse is very much essential to look after the elder and the people who need post-surgical or medical care. It acts as a perfect third party who helps to find the people services of the best Home Nurses in your locality.

Taxi App

Taxi App is a Uber-like app which allows the passengers to hail taxis, drivers to react to various passenger requests, and the admin to monitor the entire processes in a smooth and efficient manner. Our features driven taxi dispatch software helps to overcome the adversities and competitiveness of the highly complicated taxi business ecosystem. Opt for our Taxi software and start to grow your taxi service to the next level and thus generate a more ROI (Return on Investment) with our mobile app.

In short, Infinite Service App would be a perfect platform for running out your business in style in the above-mentioned areas!

Opt for our specially crafted digital solutions and stay unique or stand apart from your competitors!

Let your customers get all services at their doorstep…

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