How to Choose the Right Employee Tracking Software In India?

In the bustling business landscape of India, finding the perfect employee tracking software is like finding a needle in a haystack. But no worries, in this blog, we’ll explore the key factors that will help you navigate through the sea of choices and find the perfect solution tailored to your organization’s needs.

So, get ready to dive into knowing the best ways to pick the best employee tracking software in India.

Importance of Employee Tracking Software in India:

Employee tracking software is significant on many levels in India. First of all, it enables employers to keep tabs on workers’ attendance and working hours to make sure employees are able to manage time properly and take the proper breaks in between working hours. As a result, productivity is increased, absenteeism is decreased, and labour laws are upheld.

This makes it possible for employers to keep track of the activities of their employees related to their jobs, including the websites, programmes, and files they access. Once that has happened, employers can take the necessary steps to address any potential productivity problems and security risks.

Did you know

According to a report from ExpressVPN, nearly 80% of employers use monitoring software to keep tabs on the productivity and online behaviour of their staff.

Additionally, employee tracking software can help employers manage their remote teams more effectively. Due to the rise in popularity of remote work, it is crucial for employers to have a method of keeping track of their employees’ work activities to make sure they are staying on task. This capability is offered by employee tracking software in India, enabling employers to oversee their remote teams just as successfully as their in-office teams.


Desklog is an automated time tracker and timesheet software that helps to track working hours, task & project time, clock in & clock out in real-time to stay focussed and maximize productivity.

There are multiple exceptional aspects of the software:

Automated Time tracking

Desklog offers a comprehensive time tracking feature that allows users to track the time spent on tasks, projects, and clients. This feature helps managers to monitor the productivity of their team members and identify areas for improvement.

Project Time Tracking

You can organize your projects by managing time, money & scope limitations to satisfy client needs. Projects can be broken down into smaller tasks and delegated to team members to track the project’s progress.

Web Timer

This web timer enables team time tracking without installing any app making it a flexible, convenient, and cost-effective way to track time for teams. Users can control time by also enabling start, stop and break.


Clockify is one of the most popular free time tracker and timesheet apps for teams of all sizes. Clockify allows you to have a limitless quantity of users for free, contrary to all other types of time trackers.

The software has a number of noteworthy qualities, including

Task and project management

Clockify’s project and task management features include task assignments, deadlines, and progress tracking, to name just a few. Users can create projects and tasks, allocate them to team members, and follow their progress in real time.

Analytics and reporting

Clockify provides in-depth analyses and reports on the time spent on various tasks, clients, and projects. Users can create reports for easy sharing and analysis in a wide range of file types, including PDF, CSV, and XLSX.


Clockify works with well-known applications like Trello, Asana, and Slack. Users can streamline their processes and spend less time and effort switching between applications thanks to this integration.


Myhours is a cloud-based time tracking and invoicing software designed for businesses and individuals to track their work hours and manage their projects efficiently. The platform simplifies time tracking, project/task management, reporting, and client invoicing.

Some of the notable features of the software include;


MyHours users have the ability to create and send invoices based on the time they have clocked. Users can quickly create invoices that look professional, add taxes and discounts, and set their hourly rate.

Mobile application

MyHours has an app for iOS and Android mobile devices. This enables users to manage their tasks and projects from anywhere, view their schedules, and track their time while on the go.

Browser add-ons

MyHours provides add-ons for Chrome and Firefox that let users view their schedules and tasks, start and stop the timer, manually add time, and view the time remaining on tasks.


DeskTime is a time tracker with additional workforce management features that will help you develop a high-performing team that smashes goals every time.

The software has numerous notable qualities such as:

Monitoring of productivity

DeskTime keeps track of employees’ computer use and offers information on their levels of productivity. It keeps track of the programmes and websites visited, the amount of active and inactive time, and generates thorough reports on how time is spent at work.

Project Management

DeskTime provides project management features like task management, project budgets, and progress tracking. Team members can be given tasks, and users can track their progress in real time.

Privacy Settings

They have privacy settings that are user-configurable, allowing users to choose which actions are tracked and what data is collected. Users are capable of setting up access controls to make sure that nobody but authorised personnel have access to employee data.


Toggl is a cloud-based time tracking software that helps individuals and teams to track their working hours, manage projects and tasks, generate reports, and bill clients for completed work.

The software has a number of notable features, including:

Pomodoro timer

It has an integrated Pomodoro timer that enables users to work in concentrated blocks of 25 minutes with five-minute intervals in between. This method can help increase focus and productivity.

Tags and labels

These can be customised are available on Toggl, which users can use to better organise and analyse their time entries. Users may establish tags for particular clients, assignments, or tasks, then use those tags to filter their reports.

Toggl Plan

They also provide a project management tool known as Toggl Plan that enables users to set up and oversee project timelines, determine tasks, and monitor progress. The tool also offers visual summaries of project dependencies and timelines.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Employee Tracking Software in India

There are a number of things to take into account before selecting an employee tracking system in India. These consist of:

Cost of the Software

Look for reasonably priced software that offers a good value. It’s important to keep in mind that the most expensive software is not always the best, so consider your budget as well as the capabilities that are most important to your business.

Features of the Software

The features you require, such as employee time and attendance tracking, productivity monitoring, along with remote team management, should be provided by the software you choose. Any additional features, such as task management or project tracking, that might be useful should also be considered.

Ease of Use and Installation

Software that is simple to set up and utilise will help you save both money and time in the long run. The software ought to have an intuitive user interface and detailed usage instructions. Additionally, it should be simple to install and incorporate with your current systems.

Security and Privacy

Software with security features like password protection, encryption of information, and access controls should be your top priority. Additionally, the software must abide by data privacy laws like the Indian Personal Data Protection Bill and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Customer Support

Choosing an employee tracking software in India requires careful consideration regarding the customer support quality of the company, as it can make all the difference in resolving issues and ensuring a smooth user experience.

Benefits of Employee Tracking Software in India

Employee tracking software is being used more and more frequently in India by companies of all sizes, and for good reason. The following is a list of some of the main benefits of using employee tracking software in India:

Increased productivity

By monitoring how much time employees spend working, businesses can increase productivity. Employers can identify potential time wasters in their workforce using employee tracking software and take corrective action. This can help employees to stay away from toxic productivity.

Enhanced accountability

Additionally, increasing employee accountability is possible with Indian employee tracking software. By being able to keep an eye on employee activity, businesses can ensure that staff members adhere to deadlines and fulfil their duties. Employee performance might improve as a result, which would be advantageous to the organisation overall.

Streamlined time tracking

Businesses can simplify their time tracking procedures with the aid of employee tracking software. As such, employers can easily track employee hours and make sure that workers are fairly compensated and even streamline their billing and invoicing processes with the help of automated time tracking features. This can help lower the possibility of errors and save time, for instance in billing & invoicing.

Better project management

Using employee tracking software, businesses can monitor project progress in real time, which enhances project management. Project managers can utilise this to find potential trouble spots and fix them. Additionally, resource allocation is improved by using employee tracking software in business operations.

Improved communication

Communication between staff members and managers can be facilitated by employee tracking software. Businesses can help team members communicate and collaborate more effectively by providing features like in-app messaging and project management tools. As a result, the project’s results may be improved and everyone will be on the same page.

Enhanced data security

Employee tracking software can also contribute to increased data security by allowing businesses to have greater oversight over who has utilisation of sensitive information. Employing features like role-based access control and data encryption, businesses can ensure that authorised employees only have access to sensitive data. This can reduce the possibility of data breaches and protect the reputation of the business.

Closing Remarks

Selecting the best employee tracking software is a crucial choice that can have a big impact on the productivity and success of your company. With so many options on the market, it is crucial to take the time to assess your company’s needs and take into account the features and advantages provided by each software. It’s crucial to pick dependable and user-friendly software that can simplify your HR procedures and offer insightful data so you can make wise decisions.

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