Top ICO Crowdfunding Platforms

The concept of ICO Crowdfunding was introduced in the year 2017. It became a trend since then. Many Blockchain startups began to raise the amount required for backing their Crypto based projects.

Various Blockchain startups around the world have collected a whopping amount of around 4.5 Billion US Dollars altogether through different ICO fundraising platforms.
It might be a tricky situation for the upcoming startups to choose the best ICO Crowdfunding platforms.

Well, this blog intends to help those new entrants to the ICO fundraising platforms.
Check out our ICO Crowdfunding Platforms list given below.

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List of Top ICO Crowdfunding Platforms

1. Indiegogo

Indiegogo is a well established ICO Crowdfunding Platform that was launched in the year 2008. They have enabled a lot of new Blockchain-based startups to raise funds to support their ambitious projects. This ICO fundraising platform mainly different options. The first one is rewards-based crowdfunding campaigns. In this type of crowdfunding, investors will be provided a reward. The second option is equity-based crowdfunding. In this case, the company will be providing you a share of the same. Once it reaches a profitable level, you can either sell it or hold it till it reaches your desired profit value.

They started with a mission to bring the Blockchain industry to the mainstream and more accessible for everyone.

According to its co-founder, Slava Rubin they focus on the following aspects:

  • Accessibility for all
  • Robust compliance framework
  • a curated selection of investment opportunities
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    2. Republic

    Republic ICO fundraising platform was launched in the year 2006. They allow everyone who is aged a minimum of 18 years or above to invest in upcoming business opportunities. Republic allows donating an amount minimum as 10 US Dollars.

    Republic ventured into the ICO market in November 2017. They too almost act in the same format as that of Indiegogo. As of now, they have launched two ICO s through their fundraising platform. They are Witnet and PROPS. Both of them collected an amount of $1.07 Million through this platform.

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    3. Coin Fabric

    Coin Fabric is a Blockchain consultancy firm that has developed some most excellent ICO crowdfunding platforms for clients all over the world. They aim to act as a perfect solution provider for Blockchain companies to grow and develop. Other services provided by them include ICO Kickstarter, offering consulting, advisory, and integrated services to all sections of people.

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    4. Crowd Coinage

    Crowd Coinage is one of the most popular, secure, and efficient ICO crowdfunding platforms that we have presently. They are the best in providing white-label solution and to set up the platform it takes only a few days.

    5. Crypto Gang

    Crypto Gang, fundraising platform has been around for quite some time now. Their tagline goes like this: “Strike Gold or Die Trying!” If you are planning to establish your Blockchain-related business firm then do consult the Crypto Gang. Apart from providing an ICO fundraising platform they even help you to develop a new one for your business needs. It works both like an agency as well as ICO Crowdfunding platform provider.

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    6. Flexe

    Flexe is another ICO Crowdfunding platform that has been making its round on the internet for quite some time now for its efficient and quick services. Make use of the ICO fundraising platform developed by them if you want to stand apart from the other ICOs. Apart from providing the ICO fundraising platform, they also help you to market your ICO perfectly and thus reach out to maximum investors.

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    7. Infinite Block Tech

    Infinite Block Tech is a total package for the ICO fundraisers. Even Though there are many ICO fundraising platforms out there, Infinite Block Tech adds a lot of additional and exciting features into the table. They provide services like to cut your operational costs with extra applications like tokens, smart contracts, smart wallets, hyper ledger and much more.

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    8. Applicature

    Applicature provides a super cool and user-friendly ICO Crowdfunding platform so that it makes the task of crowdfunding much easier for the upcoming Blockchain based ventures. It also provides the services like developing smart contracts, research, deployment and customization of Blockchain Solutions, technical consulting services to Blockchain companies, etc.

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    9. Canada Blockchain Group

    Canada Blockchain Group is a Canadian based ICO Crowdfunding platform provider who is also specialized in ICO Development, Investment Management, Funding Advisory services, etc. This team of developers is known for thinking out-of-the-box and coming up with some great innovative ideas.

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    10. ICO Launch Malta

    ICO Launch is an ICO Crowdfunding platform, a team of Malta-based developers develops that. Apart from providing the ICO Crowdfunding Platform, they are also engaged in providing the technical services associated with the launching of ICO tokens and other services.

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    Final Thoughts

    The above-given list of top ICO Crowdfunding Platforms is some of the most popular ones in the Crypto field. Choose any one of them if you are in search of a better ICO crowdfunding service provider.

    If you feel there are more options to be included in the above-given list, do comment below!

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